How To Hack Your Partner WhatsApp

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Hacking is now a trending niche, literally everybody wants to become an hacker. The reason remains personal whether White Hat Hacking or Black Hat Hacking or probably Grey Hat Hacking, I don’t know why hacking is rampant this days but I’ll share with you How To Hack Your Partner Or Victim’s WhatsApp.

The success rate depends on how fast and smart you are. If you are slow in action, your partner might catch you in the act. The consequences depends on how your partner takes it in, spying is an invasion of privacy and really annoying most times.

All the same, whether you choose to continue or you choose to stop at this point, I’ll share this working method with you on How To Hack Your Partner Or Victim’s WhatsApp.

How To Hack Your Partner WhatsApp Using Whatsapp Web.

This is for educational purposes only, I shall not be held responsible for whatever damage was caused during your actions.

Am surprised most people don’t know about this. WhatsWeb is 100% legal and can be done by anyone.


  • Access to all chats
  • Access to status views and even upload a status
  • Ability to chat with your partner’s friends
  • And lots more


  • You need to have acces to your partner’s mobile for a few minutes.

With that being said, let’s get to it.

Follow this steps to spy on your partner’s WhatsApp…

On your Side

  • Open your browser (I prefer chrome)
  • Change the page layout to desktop mode (it won’t work without this)
  • Then go to “web.whatsapp.com”.
  • Here you will be prompted to scan the QR code displayed on the screen, this is where we need the victim’s mobile.

On the victim’s mobile

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Navigate to “WhatsApp Web”
  • Then you have to scan the code displayed on your phone with your victim’s mobile.
  • This last step can blow your cover, WhatsApp will notify your victim’s phone that someone logged in. The mobile must still be with you when this happens, so you can disable it or dismiss it.

This is a 100% working method of spying on your partner’s Whatsapp. As I said earlier, the success rate depends on how smart and fast you are.


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